Mr. Soros, with God’s help we defeated you!

Dear Mr. Soros,
As you are already well-informed, with God’s help we defeated you.

The Bulgarian Constitutional Court on Friday, the 27th of July, ruled that the Council of Europe’s convention, known as the Istanbul Convention, does not conform to the Bulgarian constitution.
The 12-member court ruled by eight to four that the convention’s definition of “gender” as a social construct “relativizes the borderline between the two sexes – male and female as biologically determined”.

Little Bulgaria defeated your massive global corporation.
Neither your money, nor your lies, nor your long-time reared puppets in Brussels and, unfortunately also in Sofia – none managed to defeat the Bulgarian nation. This same small nation which you may despise as insignificant in comparison to the sizeable world map – this nation quickly grasped a cunning scheme and completely blocked all plans for the imposing of the gender ideology which is so dear to your heart. At least as far as the Istanbul Convention is concerned.

Of course we’re aware that you and your puppets won’t give up. You should therefore know that the Bulgarian nation and its leaders in this battle also won’t give up. Our own history gives us plenty of inspiring examples to follow, the most notable being the saving of Bulgaria’s Jews in 1943. 48,000 people which the Bulgarian nation deemed as flesh of their own flesh and blood of their own blood, holding up spirit and cross to defend them, Mr. Soros.

The Bulgarian Orthodox church was a key factor in the saving of Bulgaria’s Jews in 1943 – the time when Hitler was all-powerful, and Nazism was proclaimed as the new messianic ideology and was promising a bright future.
This same Bulgarian Orthodox Church today was a key factor in the rejection of the gender ideology – the new pseudo-messianic ideology promising a bright future.

It’s worth pondering on these two irrefutable facts. Because for Bulgarians love for the Motherland cannot be expressed through the trampling down of the rights of other ethnicities, other religions and other life philosophies. On the contrary, as early as in the first Bulgarian constitution, after having endured an almost five-century-long enslavement, we wrote in black and white that every slave who sets foot on Bulgarian soil, in the kingdom of the Bulgarians, becomes a freeman! Unconditionally! Because Bulgaria is a land of freedom!

But we also never have and never will give way to lies and attempts at imposing feelings of guilt upon us for not having given way to these lies.

We’ll never give way to your gender lies, Mr. Soros!
And not only that but we also believe that you yourself will see the crumbling of your own global gender creation and of your own „messianic fantasies“.
The speech marks indicate that this is a quote.
Same „messianic fantasies“ you mentioned in your book published in 1991 “Underwriting Democracy”, “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin. But when I made my way in the world I wanted to indulge myself in my fantasies to the extent that I could afford.”

Mr. Soros,
your messianic fantasies will be completely dismantled. Because there really is a Messiah and He has accomplished everything that needed accomplishing. But this Messiah is called Yeshua Hamashiach. Jesus the Messiah in Hebrew. Or Jesus Christ in Greek.

Jesus Christ, not George Soros.

King of kings, who paid with His own life and with His own blood for the freedom of those who believe in Him.

Not a mentor of puppets who pays the victims of his lies and of his “messianic fantasies” with stolen money from nation states.

Yet there’s good news, Mr. Soros – the news that God loves you! He loves me and He also loves you! So much so that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die instead of me and instead of you. Hell isn’t inevitable, you don’t have to go to hell! Only one thing is needed – to repent of evil deeds, to confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and to believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead.

Maybe no one has said this to you before. Maybe you never knew it and that’s why you did all these evil deeds to humanity which you call “messianic fantasies”.

You don’t have to do it anymore. There’s forgiveness and redemption for you and they are available through repentance and faith in the only Messiah – the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Eternal King Jesus Christ.

Today the door is open for you. Today – under heaven – God’s love still works and there’s still time for salvation.
Because only God’s justice works in heaven works.
By the way it’s at work under heaven also for those who believe in God.

That’s why our victory in this battle over the gender ideology was a manifestation of God’s mercy and of God’s justice.
We believe that it will be so from on too – against all attempts of evil to conquer territories in our dear Motherland.
Because that’s all we have, Mr. Soros. We don’t have fantasies to be world citizens or world rulers. We have only our beautiful Bulgaria and believe me – we would give anything for our country!
May God have mercy on your soul! But on the part of Bulgaria, expect steadfastness against your lie!

Long live Bulgaria!
God is with us!